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The British Asian Business Community Special Interest Group (SIG) is the leading initiative to focus on and support the UK’s thriving Asian business community.
Businesses led by minority entrepreneurs contribute £74bn a year to the UK economy, according to a report by OPEN, a London-based think tank focused on migration and diversity issues.

The purpose of the SIG is built around three elements of the IoD members’ value proposition: connection, development and influence.
The group fosters connections among directors through live and online panel events, networking and social gatherings.

Promote knowledge sharing, particularly on diversity and inclusion, through working groups, mentorships and ambassador programs for capacity building.
The SIG also ensures that the Board’s views are communicated to government and the media through the IoD’s Influential Policy Branch.

The Group Lead and Event Lead is Safaraz Ali, FE Sector Leader, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and Multicultural. Initiatives such as Apprenticeship Awards, Apprenticeship Festivals and Pathway2Grow Business Networking.

“Safaraz brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team as CEO of Pathway Group. Skills and the message of changing lives through work fit perfectly with IOD’s objectives,” Warwickshire said in his appointment.

Commenting on his appointment, Safaraz said: As group leader of his IoD, I also congratulate his IOD for recognizing and supporting the contribution of the UK’s thriving Asian business community. I aspire to play a key role in promoting high levels of skill, knowledge, professional competence and integrity among our members and our joint teamwork will contribute to the success of this important initiative. helps to promote

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