Business leaders: Here’s a $399 crash course on cybersecurity threats

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Employees at their desks at S2W Inc., a South Korean cybersecurity company, in Pangyo Techno Valley, Seoul, South Korea, in August 2022 (Photo by Woohae Cho—Bloomberg/Getty Images)

Cybercrime is expected to cost the world $7 trillion in 2022, according to a study by cyber security venturesAnd despite their strong business and interpersonal skills, many professionals lack the cybersecurity knowledge their companies need to prevent cyberattacks.

To further complicate matters, there is a huge cybersecurity talent gap of over a million people. 700,000 open positions in the US A Cybersecurity Venture report found that executives and executives are “paying attention” to cybersecurity, but “they say reports on cybersecurity are too technical and use terms they don’t understand. they said”.

Helping business leaders prepare for ‘real world’ scenarios including cybersecurity, talent development platforms Udacity this week, Cybersecurity Program for Business Leaders— It is customized for executives and senior management.

“Cybersecurity is of utmost concern to all of us, especially given that the choices we make regarding cybersecurity today can impact our future business success,” said Udacity CEO. Gabriel Dalport To tell luck“Executives and senior management must be able to identify potential cyber threats to their organizations and understand the systemic risks that exist within the digital ecosystem of suppliers, vendors, and customers.”

What you can learn on the course

Dalporto says professionals entering cybersecurity programs should walk away with five key understandings:

  1. Develop a common language to understand cybersecurity risks and best practices
  2. Identify potential cyber threats and systemic risks within the digital ecosystem of suppliers, vendors and customers
  3. Evaluate how to respond to low, medium and high risk cyber threats
  4. Create a culture of cybersecurity awareness across the organization
  5. Create your organization’s cybersecurity budget

Fundamentally, this course is designed to help people understand cybersecurity risks, identify potential threats, and budget for cybersecurity protection. It’s also important to get “buy-in” from other employees by initiating cybersecurity awareness campaigns, training plans, and accountability measures, Dalporto said.

In addition, participants will complete the course using materials applicable to their current company. They finished the program with a “fully worked out” incident response plan (as Dalporto puts it), an internal cybersecurity awareness campaign model, and the company’s proposed three-year cybersecurity investment budget. increase.

“Many leaders are struggling to keep up with the digital transformation of their industry, leaving significant knowledge, process and technology gaps in how they manage threats,” says Dalport. “Staying up to date is a challenge, but one we all need to accept to ensure the right decisions are made at every level.”

Program details

Enrollment for this program is open until October 12th for the next cohort. This program is an effort of approximately 3-5 hours per week and takes one month to complete. No prerequisite courses are required, but Udacity offers other courses as well. Cyber ​​security related coursesincluding an introduction to cybersecurity.

The program is taught by Eric Hollis, President and CEO of HollisGroup, a cybersecurity and risk management consultancy. Hollis holds several cybersecurity certifications, including his Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), an advanced certification for industry leaders.

“The digital ecosystem provides easy access points for cyber threats and breaches,” Hollis said in a statement. “Cybersecurity for Business Leaders is a very in-depth program and I look forward to working with a variety of leaders looking to expand their cybersecurity skill sets and help their teams excel.”

The program costs $399 and includes access to mentor support and career services.

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