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Hurts and Purdy: NFL Reunion

November 9, 2019, Norman, Oklahoma. Jalen Hurts and Brock Purdy were quarterbacking teams in the Big 12 clash. The Hearts and Sooners ended up with his 42–41 victory, but Purdy led a sizeable comeback and brought the game within reach of the Cyclones.

The pair combined for a total of 11 touchdowns and the team produced more than 950 total yards of offense. It will be the first conference championship game.

“I have a lot of respect for him,” Hurts said of Purdy. So it’s no surprise to see the success he currently has when he’s given this opportunity.”

Purdy also gave his take on the infamous shootout this week.

“Obviously, we scored a lot. It was like every time we had the ball we had to score,” Purdy recalled at this week’s press conference. “It was a great experience playing against Jalen. They had a great team. He was playing and things like that. This is another game’ situation, another scenario for Sunday. “

Heading into Week 11 with the Colts, Howie Roseman set out to strengthen his defensive line. He signed Sue within his 24 hours with veteran defensive his tackles, Limbal Joseph and Damkon. The pair are both in his 30s, and he’s been in the NFL for over a decade, and combined he’s been to seven Pro Bowls.

Since arriving at NovaCare Complex, Joseph and Sue have been true professionals, embracing their roles, learning the playbook quickly, and mentoring the young players in the room.

They both made their debuts for the Eagles in Indianapolis, so it’s safe to say that Executive of the Year Howie Roseman made his debut yet again. success.

Sue said she wanted to be a part of something special when she decided to sign with Philadelphia in November. “But obviously I think Fletch[Cox]Grave[Javon Hargrave]Milt[Williams]and Jordan[Davis]have great talent.”

This week, the emphasis will be on stopping runs as the 49ers boast a top 10 rushing offense. Sue played in the NFC South against San Francisco, carrying Christian McCaffrey for his third season. Sue played for the Bucks and McCaffrey for the Panthers. He knows McCaffrey’s strengths, and it will take a team-wide effort to stop the 49ers from gaining yards on the ground.

For Cox, he’s stepping into the championship Sunday, as he reported this week, “feeling good.” As an 11-year veteran, longevity is tough, and Cox appreciates the established rotation here in Philadelphia.

“I think Howie did a really good job getting the guys into the camball,” Cox said. “For me, it’s not the starting group. Because there’s no drop off when we get out, we hold each other accountable and expect it and know what that guy’s job is to do.. for us to be really, really good must have no drop-off.”

“I feel like we have good team chemistry,” Joseph said. and enjoy what they do.”

For Cox, these additions provided a fresh leg, and for rookie defensive tackle Jordan Davis, it’s the mentorship that’s served him well.

“That’s all,” Davis recalled. “The knowledge and experience they have – hearing about what they’ve been through throughout the league, how they’ve worked around the problems they’ve encountered, etc. That’s really valuable information both on and off the field. I appreciate them.” They are like my peers. I call them my OGs.

Joseph and Sue were the players Davis grew up with and dreamed of one day having a career similar to theirs. He says it’s a “joy” to come to work with them every day. “I love them,” Davis said.

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